Welcome to Being Tricontinental. I'm Eme and this is where I write about life, travel, design, fashion and the people that I meet while keeping my family, work and life in constant connection to Africa, North America and Europe.

It works like this - I'm an IP attorney living and working in Germany with my husband and toddler daughter while also spending time in New York City where my family, friends and some of my clients are located. Best of all, I get to follow my passion for design ( working on a small accessories line) by traveling to and skyping with designers, artisans and family in Lagos, Accra and Johannesburg.

It's both exhilarating and exhausting to always be in motion but you know what they say... "when life gives you apples, make great tasting- low fat apple pie, turn the peel into long lasting potpourri and patent that sucker".

Hope you enjoy visiting. Come back soon !


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