Wednesday, March 23, 2011

NYC - Architectural Digest Home Design Show

Hello again, its been a little while since I blogged over here. I have been busy with a lot of self assessment and learning more about the blogosphere over at a fabulous E-Course called Blogging Your Way.  I've also been learning tons of photography tricks which I plan to implement on this blog. This was an absolute thrill for me because although I love to take pictures, I haven't been able to clearly communicate a certain "feel"  in my photograpghy. However, I think all that is gradually about to change.
A few days ago, I was at the Architechtural Digest Design fair in New York and it was a really fun day. It had been raining buckets in NY but that Saturday afternoon was absolutely glorious. It was almost a shame to be inside. Anyhow, I loaded my little baby in her stroller and we headed to Pier 62 on the West Side Highway.  There were loads of designers showing thier stuff (did you know that DVF has a home line?) It's gorgeous, its like going to sleep in your favourite wrap dress!  There are tons of lovely pieces included but my favourites are the vintage throws, pillows and giant grass sheets.
Something else that caught my eye were these handmade wooden clocks by Palo Samko based in Brooklyn, NY.  The clocks are so beautiful and carefully crafted but my amateur photography doesn't do them justice. I also love the way he has them styled because the cluster makes them look like wall art too. The leather and wood arm chair is a great piece that can work in practically any living space.

 I would have loved to spend more time at the exhibition but "someone" forgot to pack her daughter an extra outfit in case of a diaper blowout. It's hard to believe that something so smelly could come out of someone so small and cute. Bottom line (ha,ha) we had to leave, pronto.

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