Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Lisbon Love - Shops and Stuff

I was going to talk about all the different shops I visited in Lisbon but I figured that might be a little too much. Instead, I'll show you two stores that you must stop by if you are ever in Lisbon. To start off my Lisbon shopping snapshot, I would like to refer to my well documented love of soap.  In Lisbon, I think the prettiest, most fragrant and well packaged ones are in A Vida Portuguesa. These gorgeous soaps by Claus Porto are  perfect to bring back as gifts for friends or as a hostess gift.

The store has a dizzying collection of soaps and I almost bankrupted myself there. Luckily, the husband pulled me away just before I put us in the poor house. These are some of the ones I bought but have unfortunately given away, sigh!

Photos from A Vida Portuguesa

The beautifully designed shop is filled with products made in Portugal and have all maintained their original packaging. It's like walking into an entirely different era.

This next store has such a beautiful window that I came back three times just to get in (it was closed a lot for lunch). ChiCoracoa is in the Chiado district and sells Portuguese handcrafted designs made from only natural materials. Most of the stuff I liked were for children but they also stock adult scarves and sweaters.

And how cute is this..

 I'm off to London for a few days and I hope to enjoy the spring and do a little snooping at Liberty and a few other places. Se you when I get back !!

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