Thursday, January 17, 2013

Out and About - Portobello Market

Three months ago, I was walking around the Portobello Market in London and bumped into the delightful pop up shop of ceramics and home ware designer, Keith Brymer Jones and after getting treated to a complimentary hand massage (pleasure first, people) , I went a little ceramics crazy. 

photo_11939&tn616,500,1&ft1306400025&1460 by BeingTricontinental

                                  I put some dried lavender, thyme sprigs, rosemary and Moroccan mixed herbs in mine.

Perfect for my Rolling Stones + Tea loving husband

My absolute favorite thing from this well thought out and beautifully designed line is the the Pomegranate, Rose Petal and Casis votive. The fragrance is so clean and not all cheap or cloying. It just brings warmth and the scents of summer to my entire living room. As an unexpected bonus, the word "light" is inlaid so it shows as the candle burns down. 

I'm planning to turn the empty jar into a vase for my office desk, so hurrah for multiple use beauty. 

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