Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Out and About - Winter Accessories

This morning, I woke up to this.

What I saw by BeingTricontinental

I love snow.  It's weird because I never saw it until I was about 12 years old and it didn't really leave a great impression on me at that time. To be clear, I love looking at the snow, not rolling around in it, not throwing it...just looking at it.  Inspite of my love for snow, winter isnt really my favorite season (a ballad to autumn to be composed shortly). Besides, January in Germany is the worst ! The Christmas market is gone, the schmaltz kuchen stands are all packed up and it's just cold, wet, dark and dreary. January itself is a sucky month anywhere in the world. Filled with good intentions and new year resolutions that no one keeps. It seems that the "New Year" turns people into wide eyed optimists who inevitably become disillusioned by mid February .

Sidebar- Remind me to share a heartwarming story about winter, a lonely law student and an NYC Starbucks.

Anyhow, last night Germany decided to throw me a bone and I was rewarded with clean, fresh smelling snow. No mud, no slush, just the crisp, clear your head smell of winter. The snow inspired me to share my other great winter loves which are the accessories. Scarves, mittens, fluffy throws, pillows, candles and hot steaming beverages. Although its a bit late in the game, i'm still lusting after these two lovelies.

via Laura Olivia tumblr

Knit Throws via Garnet Hill

It's still January and I haven't broken any declared or undeclared resolutions...i'm off to treat my self to one of the above !

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