Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Once you go Mac...

I'm crossing over to the dark side ( cue dark, foreboding music). After over 12 years of loyalty to the PC,  I just put in an order for a new shiny MacBook Air !

Noooooooo ! Cry my old friends at Dell and Sony, et tu Eme?  Am I really so shallow, swayed by its shiny silver sheen and impossible lightness? Will I spend countless hours sipping coffee in cafes working on my blog, screenplay, app,  etc oblivious to the frowns and clock watching of small cafe owners everywhere ?  Where is my commitment to tradition?  To be dependable, sober and coporate lawyer-like? What will the other members of the New York Bar say? Will they refer to me as a "hipster" with thinly veiled loathing?  Must I now consume copious amounts of wheatgrass  and proclaim Lena Dunham as god?  I don't even know who I am anymore !!!

As you can see, I run slightly to the dramatic. Okay, dramatically to the dramatic.  The truth is really very simple. My trusty Sony Vaio died on me after years of good service. I spent countless hours researching the right pc to buy next. My needs were simple.  It had to be light because I travel a lot and many times with a toddler in tow. Perform with speed and efficiency.  That left tons of laptops with mind boggling specifications and sadly, I'm no techie. So, the deciding factor was that it had to be reliable and easy to troubleshoot or fix in any country.  Enter the MacBook Air.  That's all folks. 

The new "precious" comes in next week and I'll tell you how I like it after a test run. So guys, how did you pick your last computer? Do you have your eye on anything new? 

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