Friday, March 15, 2013

Three days in Marakesh

It's only been one day since I got back from Morocco and I'm having serious sun withdrawal. There's a snow storm in Germany ...really, Deutschland? It's freaking March 15th.

Anyhow,  I had an amazing time. I seriously want to live in Marrakech forever, or at least for half the year. I"m already plotting my next escape and I can hardly wait...more on that soon to come.

My trip started off on a rather sour note due to the nitwits at Ryanair and their insane luggage policies but once the warmth and sunshine hit me, my mood improved immediately.  I chose a hotel in the old city (the Medina) because I wanted to be close to the markets and experience as much of Moroccan life as possible.  My hotel, Riad Snan13 sent a car for me and that made transportation a breeze. I'm so glad I chose to be picked up because the Medina is a pedestrian only zone with loads of twisty roads and little lanes and I might have never found it on my own. This place was gorgeous. I generally hate to use terms like 'oasis' and 'refuge from the outside noise' but if the shoe fits? The owners, Stephan and Xavier are really the best hosts ever and they took care of my many, many travel needs and answered all my crazy design and shopping questions.

The Medina gates


And the shopping, unbelievable. I came with a carry on and left with 2 suitcases worth of lamps, rugs, fabric, home accessories, ceramics and blankets.  I'll be sharing pictures of my finds over the next couple of posts so stay tuned !

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