Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Space to imagine - Part 2

Last week, I told you about my new shared work space. Its a big open loft with conference and exhibition rooms upstairs which is great for client meetings. I will be sharing the space with three other designers and I'm so excited to finally have a work space outside the house.

The location is also perfect - it's close to lots of cafes, design stores, boutiques and my absolute favorite brunch place in the city.

Welcome to my new work space.

My section is the part closest to the far wall and I think its gorgeous.  The partially exposed brick makes the entire space a little less sterile and more welcoming.

As I prepare to move in, I've been thinking about what type of furniture and/or decoration i can add to my little corner to help with inspiration. I want to be considerate of the design aesthetics of the entire loft while making a space that i can enjoy and be creative in.

First, I have a few limitations.
- No painting or wall hangings allowed. The owners have sternly vetoed any wall hangings so I'll have to get creative.
- My section comes with a desk and chair only. I also have space in a tall built in book shelf where i can store my design books, magazines etc.

Other than that, the owner says I can go wild. Yippee! But, I'm concerned about how much i can do without bothering the others.

What do you think? I'm thinking of a new chair, area rug, some stuff for organizing my documents, stationary, fabric swatches, inspiration board and maybe some more storage.

Mini makeover, hurrah !!!

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